Digital Center

Mintola is a remote place of Chapai Nawabganj district of Bangladesh, almost adjacent to the border. Though the wind of digitalization has touched the area but that is mostly limited to mobile internet. School authority has planned to connect the underdeveloped people of the area with internet and modern gadgets and conduct some ICT training to bring a total change in the quality of life of the community people.

a. In this Ramadan, a Quaranic Chat Bot will be released inshallah, where any one will be able to ask orally any question regarding the content of the Holy Quran and will get an answer orally. This is planned keeping in mind the vast majority of our people unable to read and write Arabic and Bengali and thus devoid of getting the words of Allah.

b. Presently, a computer connected to internet, a printer and a smart TV is available in the madrasa. The television is basically used as a projector to display religious events for the children for curricular and co-curricular activities.

c. It is planned to upgrade it an open access digital center so that anybody can access the websites, the world of knowledge and get his/her materials printed without any cost. Gradually, with the increase of the number of Laptops or computers this can be transformed to internet Cafe, which will be a nonprofit organization only for the development of the community with the light of the development in around the world.

d. In course of time this can also be transformed into a ICT training center, where number of children and the elders will be able to learn coding and programming and it can be a space for earning or a station for earning even foreign currency.