Karje Hasana

Karje hasana (64:17) is a Quranic concept of interest free loan, which is one of the main elements (beside Sadaqah, Zakat and Waq f  ) concerning the welfare of the society. On the other hand, today’s Bangladeshi rural society is full of interest based micro credit from various NGOs, which contradicts Islamic values. Though modern economy patronize this interest based system, less- educated people without proper planning and self-control fall in the trap of a vicious cycle of loans. We encourage people not to be involved in this interest based loan cycle and lend fellow neighbors/ friends with the value of humanity. A Karje Hasana scheme is planned for following four categories of people.

a.  A poor student will be given a loan to support his/her education, which will be paid back after he/she starts earning. Thus the students will be lifelong connected to the school with Islamic values and will reject the interest based loan.

b.  A Student’s father or a community member will be given a micro credit for the seeding before the season and they will pay back after harvesting. This will reduce their pressure on interest and allow them to stock their own product for a better price.

c.   A kinder garden student’s accompanying mother bring him/her in the school and wet for a long time. Many of these mothers do hand stitching to spend their time in the waiting room. Karje Hasan of 2000 taka can bring them a new way of doing this handy craft and bring solvency in the family. Thus, the whole family will be patronized financially with Islamic values and transform them in to a quarinic family.

d.  Anybody in need of emergency treatment can get a small amount of loan from this Karje Hasana project.