Enlighten Men through Islamic Canteen

An Islamic canteen or a tea stall and stationary store is planned just at the outskirt of the school. Stationary will be sold during the school hours. In some occasions keeper will stay away and children will be encouraged to pay the bills of a small purchased item. This venture will encourage to develop self-control, faithfulness, trustworthiness and some other virtues.  After the school hours a subject wise Islamic issues projection program will be hanged so that community men can come sit informally and listen to their favorite topics. Community people will come and sit together, they will talk to each other and also listen to some religious talks. Three days a week a program named enlightened men will also be conducted in this school. These will help in social development through spiritual and psychological development of the individual. Financial transition of Karje hasana will be conducted through mobile banking of Islami bank namely cellFin and Islami Bank mCash. Karje hasana project for purchasing seed before the cultivation and emergency treatment facility will glue this enlighten men project.